[Proposed] Minor bug fixes to 360Giving standard


We’re proposing a couple of minor bug fixes to the schema:

These changes are staged in a branch on Github https://github.com/ThreeSixtyGiving/standard/pull/221

The changes should have limited impact:

  • Titles are treated as case insensitive in flattentool (which transforms 360Giving Standard spreadsheets to JSON) so the validity of fields using ‘Last modified’ in their title won’t be affected.
  • Latitude and longitude are commonly used in valid number formats in most use cases, e.g. ‘-5.123123’ or ‘45.6167’, and we haven’t found any cases of publishers using a different format for coordinates.

A preview of the documentation (the changes in it are very minor) is on http://standard.threesixtygiving.org/en/autumn-2017-bugfix/


A development branch of the CoVE tool here http://branch-360-autumn-2017-bugfix.cove-360-dev.default.threesixtygiving.uk0.bigv.io/ will allow publishers to check their datasets against these proposed changes (note: don’t rely on this for regular publishing, always use https://dataquality.threesixtygiving.org/)