Steve Mackenzie on Grantmaking Analysis Essex CF

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Notes from the Discussion:

Current Data Priorities & Challenges

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Dirk - Running an Online Discussion later today on Building a Data Culture for the Data Literacy Consortium, designing an Open Government and Data Day for the Open Government Summit in Ottawa at the end of May. Creating the Agenda for our Building a Data Culture workshop on April 5th.

Steve - Starting to analyse the Survey Monkey Data from Salesforce survey. I think I may have made things difficult for myself!!

This may not be entirely data focussed but, I/we are looking at moving our data/files onto sharepoint. Just starting to think about the appropriate structures to ensure easy access but appropriate security. Particularly important where some information will be shared with Trustees.

Kate - Starting to learn how to use Power BI (after a long delay) Wanting to analyse our donors grant making to identify ways to align funds with overlapping interest.

Still trying to come up with a good way to demonstrate Impact which my trustees will buy into.

Hannah - recruited a new Grants Officer but digital skills were difficult to come by therefore I will keep this area for the time being. Attended useful Design Hop event with CAST/ACF which looked at challenges with funding digital. I came away thinking of some practical positive changes around engagement with Trustees in this area. Next area of work to focus on will be to produce an overview report on grant making and impact which is being built using a combination of salesforce dashboards and other tools such as Power BI, Local Insight and 360 Giving.

Andrew is doing backs to basics with Digits - they are looking at how they are using it.

MOR - 360Giving is now a government recognised data standard - so if any local authorities.


Both Kate and Steve are learning how to use Power BI

Possible Skill Share session with Hannah on using Power BI after April 5th

Steve - They started their journey with doing grantmaking analysis by putting their data on a map, but that just led to more questions rather than illuminating anything about their grant making. They then put their data into some very pretty pie-charts, but they still weren’t getting any helpful information from that.

Things started to change after they loaded their data into 360Giving’s Insights and they were able to look at their data in a new way.

They didn’t do that much funding of big well established orgs but then when they looked at it via 360Giving Insights it showed a very different story. They were indeed doing a lot of funding of big well established organisations.

They’ve realised they need to look at their grantmaking in a different way. They need a better understanding of what they are NOT doing as opposed to what they are.

They are going to pick four maybe five questions that they are going to use data to answer. And then figure out what data do they need.

They really understand to prove what you are not doing with data is quite hard - so they are going to be starting quite a journey.

Wants to have things that can be refreshed on a more routine (daily, weekly) to get a clearer picture. Doesn’t want to do a monthly data crunch.

Can’t analyse the data on age of an organisation in salesforce because it’s a text field and not a number.

Quite concerned because they have been saying something that the data does not prove. What it means is that they actually risk-averse.

Sussex Community Foundation has an income threshold on their grants.

Community Foundations have a narrative about funding small organisations.

They realise they need to do more data-informed decision making.

The data is starting to get them to ask more questions, which is a good thing?

We also had an interesting conversation about moving their files to Sharepoint and implications around security.