Using Discourse


Hi Everyone, a few of you may have noticed we are using Discourse that you can access at I’m currently doing my best to keep all things about Data Champions there, so if you need anything, take a look there first.

Discourse works like any community forum you may have seen connected to knowledge bases in the support section of software websites. You can post a topic and then community members can reply. Feel free to post a topic, particularly if there’s a challenge or question you’d like to ask the group.

The bit I really like about it is the email settings. Once you’ve created an account you can go to settings (the gear icon that appears on the right when you click on your icon) and on the left hand side you’ll see ‘emails’ - click on that and you can choose between receiving an Activity Summary (if you haven’t visited in awhile) or Mailing List Mode, which will send you an email for every new post. I monitor my inbox constantly, so Mailing List Mode works for me.

I’d like to move all of the Data Champions comms here, so I don’t have to send emails and post stuff here as well. I’d rather just post here so it is all in one place for everyone. I will resend invites to people that haven’t accepted the initial invitation I sent at the end of the month. Once we are all signed up, I’ll just be posting here.

And also, I hope I won’t be the only person who is posting stuff here. Please feel free to post questions, challenges, success stories and also resources that others might find helpful.

Do ping me if you have any other questions about Discourse (or anything else!)

  • Dirk