Power BI, Data Champions Online Discussion

You can view the video of the Online Discussion here: https://youtu.be/1nklpT0UtmY

Notes from the Discussion

Current Data Priorities and Challenges:

Dirk, Preparing an Agenda for a three-day workshop next week in Tunis evaluating a massive data project called the Egyptian Social Progress Indicators (https://www.progressegypt.org/en/)

Steve Mackenzie: Currently drafting a set of user requirements for an individual application process on Salesforce. Involves a lot of field mapping and trying to meet the requirements of a lot of different Foundations with diverse processes.

Have not really used Power BI. Have installed it and tested that it could access data directly from Salesforce (which it could) but could not really figure out how to make it work. Rather frustrating as I am normally okay at this type of thing. Just need to see a good working example or find a good training course.

Adam Lopardo

  • Data work slightly on hold at the moment as is the implementation of our new salesforce based grant making platform which is holding further discussions up. Though we are looking at adapting the ABCU grant success coding we give to grantees to pinpoint groups that apply a lot and aren’t given grants to see how we might offer them other non-monetary support.
  • We’re about to launch the next iteration of our Third Sector Trends research and we are looking to see how we can make all the date collected over 10 years open - despite pushback from Durham University who we commission the work from… Any suggestions of the best ways to do this gratefully received. I have no idea what system they store the data on currently. I’d be keen to see how we might overlay it to 360 Giving and other data sets though the data from groups is anonymous so not sure how easy/useful that will be.
  • Not used Power BI but looks interesting so will chat internally about how we might use it.

Andy. Used three-sixty giving insights to presents to the board. Signed up on the Open Data stuff with the board.

Nicola. Grappling with form building - make better use of feedback of grants. Publishing of uncovered reports - they are starting to put out reports on need weekly over the next couple of weeks.

Gareth - a few new starters at UKCF - he’s helping with a couple of them. Getting people to think more strategically rather than getting stuck in the process. Looking at streamlining the process. And working on a proposal that is quite data-informed. The project would target groups that couldn’t engage funding because they don’t fit into specific funding criteria and provide them with Core and also some funding

Power BI

What’s good about it

Directly access data from Salesforce - and it gives you a dashboard with the data from Salesforce - similar to 360Giving - you have a slider and can change the way the data is displayed.

Once it is setup and can be looked at in a number ways - data visualisation.

You can publish data directly to the web.

Using it for reporting. Can use it for filtering - Let end users use the filters -

Wiltshire has built a bespoke dashboard that takes data from Salesforce and does the filtering. Overlays a sophisticated set of data interactions that helps lay users.

Sometimes you don’t know until you start seeing other peoples stuff. Making Data more accessible. Power BI data.

Best way to start is to download the desktop version and turn it on. Start with a report you’ve already got. A whole range of videos is available and Steve has recommended these: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/power-bi/guided-learning/