Specify State Aid

This topic ask to specify grant as State Aid (See more details in the Github issue. This only applies to governments (national or local).

Should it be in Grant Type? What field can it even sit under?

As I understand it, ‘State Aid’ under EU rules is where a government subsidises a company or business sector (e.g. an airline route) to such an extent that a company gains an unfair advantage over competitors (enlighten me if there is a different meaning and I’ve misunderstood).

I’m not sure if it is relevant to most instances of grant giving in 360 (the Department for Transport might be one example). Even if it were, I’m not sure why it would be or what benefit there would be to its inclusion.

Agreed. State Aid in my experience is about unfair competition and would fall foul of EU law. I’m not aware of any other use of the term and would find it alarming if I came across it in funding data (akin to ‘is this funding illegal? Y/N’)
Perhaps we can ask Cabinet Office if there is guidance that would clarify/help with understanding what’s needed here in terms of traceability of the funding source. There are several sources of grant funding from the EU https://europa.eu/european-union/about-eu/funding-grants_en