Applications vs Grants

A question that includes more than one question but it would interesting to know what the success rate (no of applications made vs no of grants received) is by:

  • Geographical area (region?)

  • Thematic field

  • Organisation size/type (charity, CiC, etc.)

It would of course depend on donors’ willingness to share their application data…


A group of funders including local authorities pooled data (pre- 360 Giving) for grants across the North East of England and this was one of the questions we really wanted to know. Many stats show the NE gets less grant money than other regions but we wanted to know if it was because local groups made a lot of failed application or just didn’t make enough applications. We got some interesting though not robust results as not everyone wanted to share and those that did didn’t want to share it outside those that provided the data. If there was a way to do this and show the value it would be hugely useful. We wouldn’t need to show WHO didn’t get a grant just an overall number of applicaitons recieved each year maybe?


Agree the data can (it should) be anonymised - it would only require a small time/effort commitment from funders to do it

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We would love to contribute data for something like this, either by region or more widely, including anonymised data on applications. Would probably need support from 360 to do so, though!

You can count on us for help Rachel!