F2F Workshops and Online Discussions in 2019

Hi Everyone our Face 2 Face Workshop is Friday, February 1st. We’ll run the workshop from 10am to 5pm - I realise a few of you may need to leave early due to travel constraints. The workshop will take place at the UKCF offices in Brixton. Unit 1.04, Piano House, 9 Brighton Terrace, Brixton, London SW9 8DJ.

The workshop will focus on effective data workflows within community foundations. We want to examine the steps we go through to use data to inform decision making. This will involve mapping out our own workflows, what datasets we are using and when, and how do we package the data to inform the decision making.

In the run up to the workshop, we will hold two online discussions in January. One on Wednesday, January 9th at 3pm and the next one two weeks later on Wednesday Jan 23rd at 15:00. I’ll post more about those online discussions closer to the date. BUT I’m currently looking for any Data Champion who may want to spend 10 minutes talking about any recent breakthroughs, successes or lessons learned you’ve had in your work. (Email me If you are interested!).