Draft Agenda for Workshop on February 1st: Data Workflows in Community Foundations

When What Description Notes
1000 Go round - who are you, where you from, one sentence on why you came to this workshop Why we are here, what we are doing, and guidelines
1015 Motivations - why do you do the work you do? We will get to know each other’s contexts
1030 Spectrogram - create and respond to controversial statements about utilising data in community foundations Create and respond to polarising statements. See: Aspiration’s Facilitation Notes on the Spectrogram
11:15 Coffee
11:30 Dystopian and Utopian Visions of a Data-Informed Community Foundation What are the long-term impacts when it all goes horribly wrong? When it all goes right?
1230 Building a Data Workflow for Community Foundations What are the steps to get from asking a question to making a decision?
1300 Lunch
1400 The roles needed to support a Data Workflow in a Community Foundation We will further define the workflow by identifying roles for each step
1500 Coffee
1515 What would go into a resource library for Data Champions working in Community Foundations? Set up stalls for a famers market.
16:15 Observations and Next Steps for Data Chamions Where we head together after the workshop.
1700 End