Online Reporting Tools (Grant Assurance)

Hi all, I have a bit of a random question once more. I just wondered if anybody knows of a good online reporting tool (think of a shared word document), whereby I can send it out to applicants that have been in receipt of funding, with some basic questions about what the funding has been used for and perhaps the ability to upload a photo or two (maybe video) for me to then view?

It is a very low level basic assurance exercise so we can establish that what we have agreed to fund has been funded and is not for the longer-term measurement and evaluation, purely something simple to fire off once we know a building or refurbishment has been completed.

It can’t be anonymous and has to be secure; must be accessible to people on different devices who may not have any Microsoft packages etc. installed.

I am trying desperately to avoid sending a paper form or Word document via email and want to explore something quick, simple to complete and robust enough for us to be able to review and almost approve it.

Hey Neil, still looking?

I know Google Forms isn’t quite the right fit, so I’ve asked the Twitter Hive mind for some help:


Hi Edafe, thanks for the email and for sharing!

I’ve tried Microsoft Forms (Office 365), but they don’t have a photo upload option (yet!). I have been given access to a more premium survey monkey account that we have here, which DOES allow a photo to be loaded up by respondents, so I am going to try that and see how it goes!



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