Resources for workshop #1


Hi Lindasy

Thanks for updating with your question. It looks like you might have some cross-over with Bethan, so please do keep an eye on the resources she’s looking at.

Here’s some interesting resources I pulled up. I think, from my very quick look, that official loneliness statistics is mainly at national level: Loneliness in Older People - FOI response

I did, however, find some interesting starting points to add to your search:

It is estimated that across the UK older population, 9-13% of people report being often or always lonely or are socially isolated (Age UK 2016).

I’m very interested to see what you find! Please add your reflections and findings to Resources for check-in #1 - Finding Data.


Hi Alison

Boroughs vs neighbourhoods/wards is an interesting dilemna.

I’m guessing you’ve taken a look at the London data store?

Let me know what you found in this week’s resource page: Resources for check-in #1 - Finding Data


Sorry for my very belated reply to this - its Trustee paper time so all a bit manic!

I’d like to tie this data journey into a piece of work I am doing to learn more about the criminal justice sector in Buckinghamshire. At the moment, I think my question will be “What statutory funding is available for arts/learning programmes in Buckinghamshire prisons? What other funding is also available? How does access to this funding affect reoffending rates?”

I need to spend some time refining the definition of art/learning programmes. I would also need to decide whether to include Milton Keynes as, although it is part of Buckinghamshire, it is its own unitary authority.

For my sources, I’d like to have a look at the recently published Justice Data Labs. I know that Leap and Forward Trust publish data so will have a look at what they have available. Any other suggestions gratefully received!


Hi All,

My (provisional) questions is:

Since 2015, what is the total amount of funding recorded on GrantNav that has been awarded for music-making activities delivered by organisations located in the 20% most deprived Local Authorities in England, and what proportion of these recipients are statutory bodies.


Thanks for sharing your question Meghann. It’s worth taking a look in GrantNav for grants in the area:

[Only Locations] Buckinghamshire

This should give you some idea of the type of grants that have been published in the 360Giving format. You can also filter using words like ‘Justice’, ‘Arts’ and ‘Prison’.

I’m guessing that by Buckinghamshire, you mean the area covered by Buckinghamshire County Council? There are also District Councils, so it may worth checking which ones cover the area you’re interested in.

Buckinghamshire County Council has a research page with boundary maps, deprivation, population and more. It’s worth taking a look at their Funding for your community organisation

I found the Buckinghamshire County Council transparency code where they list a Contracts Register that may be worth a look. Annoyingly it’s a PDF! Let me know if it’s useful and we’ll see about making it a spreadsheet.


Thanks Nick!

Very interested in what you find. I’m guessing you’ll be using the Indices of Multiple Deprivation to identify the 20% most deprived Local Authorities? You’ll find some links in the Resources for check in #1.