Useful Resources

I thought it would be useful to have a thread of good resources about data, open data and digital that are relevant for 360Giving publishers and users.

Here are some of my go-to resources, add yours!

  • Open Data Handbook - This is a very good intro to open data and how to do it! It also has a very useful glossary with basic terms that can be useful for newcomers to the tech lingo.
  • The Periodic Table of Open Data’s Impact Elements - A great canvas for checking what are the elements (challenges and opportunities) that can make data useful and impactful.
  • - a website with basic tools for data analysis which teach people about data cleaning and basic analysis.
  • Data Kind’s data maturity model - A framework for the civil sector to understand how they work with data and what is needed for improvement.

A few tools and resources I use…

Data exploration

Data analysis

Data visualisation


Recommend the DataKind Social Sector Maturity Model Framework that @mor.rubinstein posted. Used it it the charity I previously worked in to set out our Data Strategy and actions for our Data Management Plan.