Which charitable causes attract most grants?


From ACF Giving Trends, we know more about the scale of funding being given out by foundations, but not much about its destination. Which causes receive the most grants from foundations? How is this changing - or not - over time?

NCVO may be able to partially answer this question from their Almanac data (looking at charities’ accounts to see which types of charities - by cause - receive grants from foundations).

But it would also be interesting to know where foundation grants are going to organisations that are different to those contained in NCVO’s “general charities” definition. For example, universities, faith groups, community interest companies and so on.

Finding out more about where grants go, by cause, would be great. It might also help to shine a light on causes that are less popular - which therefore might be of interest to funders looking to make a targeted impact with their funds.


Great question @Char! I’m looping in @ClaireBenardNCVO to see if she has something to add on this.