About the Quest for Questions category

This category is for posting and discussing questions for the Quest for Questions.

It is open to everyone - grantmakers, grantseekers, academia, coders, journalists and even citizens. No question is too big or small for our challenge, so please post one in this category!

You can find out more information about the Quest for Questions on our website

Not sure what question to submit? Here is one way to get the creative juices flowing!
By identifying the challenges your organisation faces in achieving its goals and the challenges of the processes, you will find your question.

  1. Think about what your organisation is trying to achieve - its ultimate goal. For example, is it empowering local communities or supporting a specific issue?
  2. What are the processes that support your organisation to achieve its end goal? For example, if you are working with local communities, do you pro-actively look for existing community groups to engage with? How do you find new communities to work with?
  3. Consider these processes more closely and whether they are they working. If not then why not? What would make them work even better?

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