Crunching the numbers on Grant-Plus

The idea of offering additional, non financial support to grantees has been around for a while, and this is common practise amongst donors, whether Trusts & Foundations, corporates or institutional funders.

  • Can the data show how many “donors” actively do this, and what that support amounts to? (i.e. not just a financial analysis, but other quantifiable benefits)
  • what is the ratio of actual grant to “plus”?
  • what is the number, value and ratio of requests for funding rejected because the “plus” element is not big or good enough (i.e. significantly smaller than the money required; not aligned to expertise of funder or does not help them fulfil their corporate strategy)
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This is an interesting question - because I don’t know if funders publish this data at all. we (at Esmee Fairbairn) publish our main grants (average size about £90k) and social investments to 360Giving. Grants Plus awards come from a separate budget, and average size is £6k. Would it distort our grant data if we published?

I don’t think it will distort it, and we can maybe use some fields in the standard to describe it better. @Gina_Esmee - is it easy to quantify the grants plus to each grantee or is it just a bulk figure to all of your grantees?

@mor.rubinstein answering this one on @Gina_Esmee behalf - hopefully she won’t mind! We could quantify at grantee level as with full grants - though not sure this is true for all funders.