Do we have any takers to extend the grant fields into a basic ontology for their area?

Pretty much what it says above - it would be interesting to see someone have a go at creating a classification ontology for their area - for instance extending it to add fields for animal/vegetable/mineral or whatever classifies the grant meaningfully in a subsector.

Hi William
Here at Our Community in Australia, we have developed CLASSIE, a taxonomy for Australia’s social sector:
The taxonomy is based on Foundation Center’s PCS and has involved significant work to adapt it for Australia. It is currently proprietary as it is new, and has required significant investment to get it up and running; this might change in future, to open it up for broader use. We have implemented CLASSIE in our IT platforms including SmartyGrants, Australia’s leading online grants management platform, and GiveNow, our commission-free donations platform.
We are in the process of supporting grantmakers who use SmartyGrants to open up their grants data, so we’re also looking into how best to incorporate CLASSIE into the open data feed. We’re also doing work to promote CLASSIE to our grantmakers so more of them classify their grants, as input into data analytics and features to help grantmakers collaborate.
If you’re interested in learning more, feel free to get in touch.

Some publishers seem to have started doing this already - presumably using whatever classification systems they use internally. Esmee Fairburn and the Cabinet Office data both have records in the classification field for their grants.