Extending grantProgramme

I have a proposal to extend the grantProgramme set of fields to provide much more information about each programme.

The information could include:

  • application dates and deadlines
  • amounts/duration of funding available
  • link to application form, eligibility quiz
  • eligibility criteria

By doing this the grantProgramme fields could help organisations find out information about grant programmes, and work out whether they could apply for funding to them. It would also place the published grants in the context of the aims of the programmes they come under.

My idea was that this grantProgramme could even be published as a separate file with each funder giving details of their available grant programmes. The data could then be used by fundraisers and directories of grant opportunities to provide up-to-date details of available funding (disclosure - I work for beehive - one of these services!)

I’ve written about this in more detail as a github issue - with some useful comments from others. I’ve also produced a document with more details of the potential fields.

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