Legal status of organisations


How much funding is going into organisations that are not registered charities e.g. the amount of funding going into community interest companies?


Thanks @NatashaW, good question! Looping in @davidkane and @suraj who might have some more follow up questions on this.


Hi @NatashaW,

I too am interested in the legal status of organisations (please see attachment - NB: the tally is c18mths old!). The only things I would add:

  1. Some entities can be registered charities (but not a charitable trust) and also be associated with a different legal status (e.g. be a CLG). In this case, the charitable status would not be their primary legal form (I think…).

  2. Some entities are charities but are not registered with CC (or other regional equivalent). They are called ‘excepted charities’ (–2). I think it would be worth identifying these too.