New field - Beneficiary Location: Scope


As described in this Github issue:
While describing the particular geographic area(s) that a grant benefit is very useful, some additional data might help classify and help users understand the scope to which this grant applies.

For example:

International - a grant applicable to the world/global
National - a grant applicable to a whole country
Regional - a sub region of a country (e.g., London in UK context)
District - (local authority in UK context)
Local - (ward level)
A focus would be to properly describe the above (proposed) codes, without slipping into UK specifics

This, however, brings us again to the question of codelists.

Should this field help to add more context to beneficiary location?


I am interested to know how IATI and Open Contracting deal with this and if we can implement that as well. If they use a specific codelist then we should consider using it too.


We’re considering this kind of feature for SmartyGrants. It’s very likely that simply choosing one pre-defined region will be too restrictive. For instance, a project near the boundary of two or more regions can’t accurately choose one as the area of benefit.

So at the least, you may want to consider an array of locations. You probably don’t want to allow full-blown polygon geometry to be embedded in the CSV :slight_smile:

There are several sources for region identifiers - see or a few, MapIt is another (eg). And for reference, how OpenSpending does it.


This would be useful for Beehive, and we’ve been using a simple classification similar to the example for a while e.g.