Do we want to add percentage splits of location to grants?

If a grant is to two or beneficiary locations, do we want to show how they split in percentage?

For example, a grant for East London supports 60% of Tower Hamlet and 40% of Hackney?
Can grantmakers / grantees even quantify this?

See more on the GitHub issue

Some grantmakers tell us they do quantify this in their own internal systems. If we can provide them with a way to publish this data without requiring them to do anything different or new with regards to agreeing splits then that’s seems worth doing.

It looks like in the standard the beneficiaryLocation field is an array, so this would probably be the place to put it. In fact the beneficiaryLocation.description field says:

This could include details of the element of the activity that takes place here.

Which would probably fit what you’re suggesting.

I think it is a question about how grantees would quantify this though. It would be easiest if this reflected where the money was spent (ie for a grant that supported multiple services across the country), but if it was something like a community centre on the border between two areas then it would be difficult to say how many beneficiaries came from either side/what the intensity of their involvement was.