ORCID - Should we use these identifiers type as well


We all know that identifiers are close to our heart and help us to identify entities better.
There is ORCID, which is, in short, an identifier for a person (which is more common to use in the academic / scientific world). Do we we want to have this as part of our documentation as well or should we stick to org id?
A bit more about ORC-ID here - https://orcid.org/


We’ve not included ORCHID as a code within org-id.guide, as it is an identifier for individuals rather than organisations.

I recognise that sometimes grants are given to individuals (particularly research grants), but I did pick up at pidapalooza earlier this year that there are some data protection concerns/issues about the use of ORCHID identifiers in third-party published datasets (i.e. without the identifier holders active consent). This might be something we want to touch on in our upcoming GDPR conversations.

If we did include ORCHID as a possible identifier, I would suggest we explicitly include it via an additional field or structure for ‘individual recipients’, that would allow both the organisational recipient, and the specific individuals, for a grants to be listed (meaning we don’t lose the information, for example, that money has gone to a particular University) and that the data quality tool can check, and confirm with publishers, that they really meant to include personal identifying information, and that they have consent for this.