MINOR - Final Review of Regranting and Grants to Individuals updates available for comment

Hi all,

This post is to share a Pull Request containing a MINOR update to the 360Giving Package Schema and the 360Giving Standard Documentation for review by the Stewardship Committee and 360Giving community. The committee has already approved the proposed updates at the last Standard Stewardship Committee meeting on Friday 11 November 2022.

These updates will introduce fields to the Standard that enable grantmakers to record grants to individuals and to specify when grants are intended for regranting. This is achieved by adding:

  • a new Person definition to the 360Giving schema;
  • a new field Recipient Individual which uses the new Person definition to model a grant to an individual;
  • logic which ensures that a grant must provide either a Recipient Organisation or a Recipient Individual but must not give both;
  • a new optional field To Individual Details which acts as an object to allow publishers to provide primary and secondary Individual Grant Reasons as well as any number of Individual Grant Purposes;
  • a new field Regrant Type which allows a publisher to describe whether this grant is intended for regranting and what type of regrant this is;
  • and three new codelists – Individual Grant Reason, Individual Grant Purpose, and For Regrant Type – which are used in the aforementioned new fields.

In addition, this update provides a new documentation section on Codelists, a new section on Individual identifiers in the Reference part of the documentation and makes edits to existing content to include individual recipients.

Link to Pull Request.

Link to Documentation site.

This is the ‘Final Review’ stage as set out in the 360Giving Data Standard revision process, which states that proposed updates be made available for review by the committee and the 360Giving community for at least two weeks before final approval.

Please feel free to post comments or raise any queries or points of clarification.

The Grants to Individuals and Regranting updates have now been officially added to the 360Giving Data Standard Package Schema and the 360Giving Standard Documentation. This was a MINOR update, moving us to version 1.2 of the Standard.

The documentation site now features basic guidance about Individuals Identifiers and Codelists including Grant to Individuals Purpose, Grant to Individuals Reason and Regrant Type.

The next steps will be to add practical guidance for publishers of 360Giving data about how to publish grants to individuals and grants intended for regranting using these new features.