Resources for workshop #2

We’ll be adding to this resource throughout the day on 3 July 2018

Welcome to the second workshop of our 360Giving data journey!

Previous week: Resources for check-in #3 - Cleaning Data

The data journey is a programme designed to help you learn how to use data to support decision making. Over the eight weeks, we will learn the basics of data and data analysis, including asking questions, finding, analysing and visualising data, and presenting stories so people can take action. The first workshop will give you a grounding and a chance to meet your fellow participants. Our workshops are interactive, you’ll be “learning by doing”, so expect to roll up your sleeves and get involved.

In this workshop we’ll be covering analysis and visualisation - here are the handouts:

Tools to visualise and analyse data:

  • WTFcsv tells you WTF is going on with your .csv file
  • RAW makes it easy to visualise complex data
  • Data Wrapper enriches your stories with charts, in seconds
  • Tableau Public creates interactive data visualisations for the web

Further reading:

Data resource:

And some nice tools that can help you today -
CharityBase - for searching Charity Commission data -
Find That Charity - Helping to reconcile charity names (and to find the location of them!) -

And Under the Radar report by David Kane -

Lastly, if you want to enrich your grants data (for example with charity numbers) David Kane explains how to do it easily with Open Refine here -

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