Should new fields be added for social impact measurement information?


Hello everyone!

I work for Social Value UK and we are interested in the 360giving project. I run the Global Value Exchange resource and this had led to our involvement in an OECD working group on social impact data. This information is already being collected by organisations, but often not included in reporting despite its usefulness in resource allocation, decision making, transparency, etc. We have been doing a lot of work around standardizing data, particularly social impact data and the fields needed to record this information in a logical and consistent way.

I would be very keen to hear your thoughts on this.


Hi @Craig-GVE and thank you for posting.
The 360giving standard does not look at impact data, mainly because there are many ways to record the data. However, we would be interested to see how you standardised social impact data. Can you share some examples here? Tagging @timdavies , @rachel.rank and @BobHarper on this as well!


Hi @Craig-GVE! (thanks for the tag @mor.rubinstein)

We’re doing some separate work (through Open Data Services) which is looking to develop a similar standard -
compatible with the 360 standard - for describing Social Investment data i.e. where there is significant repayable finance.

Being able to include impact measurement information is part of what we are considering for that specification. It’s early stage development, but you can find some of the issues at

It would be good to talk about how this might be accomodated, so I’ll PM you my email address and we can have a chat sometime?


Hello @mor.rubinstein, we’ve published a short blog outlining the data fields/general data structure we use on the Global Value Exchange here: As the database is primarily to give examples of impact measurement on which users can start their own research, we’ve not provided fields for some of the finer details such as outcome duration/drop-off etc. Instead we have some free text fields (e.g. O.003 Relevant Information) to include this information if necessary. If you have any questions on this then please let me know!


Hello @BobHarper, it would definitely be worth us having a chat. I’ll pm you my email