MINOR - Peer Review of Metadata update available for comment

Hi all,

This post is to share a document setting out a MINOR update proposed to the 360Giving Package Schema and the 360Giving Standard Documentation for review by the 360Giving Standard Stewardship Committee.

Once approved these updates will introduce authoritative Metadata to the standard. This is achieved by adding new sections to the reference page of the documentation and small edits to existing content for clarity.

Link to Peer Review document

The committee will review the proposed update and discuss at the next Standard Stewardship Committee meeting to be held on Friday 27 November 2020.

This is the 'Peer Review’ stage as set out in the 360Giving Data Standard revision process, which states that proposed updates be made available for review by the committee and the 360Giving community for at least one month before final approval.

Please feel free to post comments or raise any queries or points of clarification.

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The Metadata Peer Review was discussed at the meeting of the Standard Stewardship Committee on 27 November, see the minutes of the meeting for further details.

Following the end of the month long review period this proposed change the 360Giving Data Standard has been accepted by the Committee with minor changes, which are marked on the Peer Review document linked above, and approved by 360Giving CEO.

Now that this change has been approved the next steps will be to apply the changes to the Standard ready for deployment as a MINOR upgrade.

I’ll post a further update when this update has been made live in the 360Giving Data Standard.

Any questions in the meantime, please post below.

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Metadata has now been officially added to the 360Giving Data Standard Package Schema. This was a MINOR update, moving us to version 1.1 of the Standard.

The documentation site now features basic guidance about Metadata fields
For spreadsheet users - here
For JSON schema - here

The next steps will be to add how-to guidance for publishers of 360Giving data about how to include Metadata.