Updates to the Standard - Grants to Individuals, Regranting and Location Scope

Over the past year, 360Giving has been working on proposals to improve the 360Giving Data Standard to enable grantmakers to record grants to individuals, to specify when grants are intended for regranting or describe the location scope of a grant in their 360Giving data. We’ve convened working groups, carried out research and consulted on these proposed changes, listening to the needs of funders and users of the data. You can read about our progress along the way in blogs on the grants to individuals project and our consultation on regranting and geography in the 360Giving Data Standard.

We’re excited to announce that the 360Giving Data Standard Stewardship Committee, which has responsibility for the governance of the Standard, has approved these three proposed updates. Here you can read the minutes and the proposals themselves to understand more about their nature and impact. These proposals add useful new features to the Standard that funders can decide to adopt in the data that they share. Existing data that has been published will not be affected and publishers are not required to make changes when the updates go live.

The next step will be for us to make these changes to the Schema, which is the authoritative source of information that defines the Standard. We will prioritise adding grants to individuals and regranting to the Schema, with the update to add location scope to follow in early 2023. We’ll be posting on the forum again when these Schema updates are ready. Until then, we welcome your feedback and comments on these changes, which you can share by responding to this post or by emailing us via standard@threesixtygiving.org.