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The interface for GrantNav is not very user-friendly when accessing it via a mobile. The text stretches beyond boxes and is hard to see. It doesn’t seem to have an interface for mobiles really. Is this something that could be addressed in future upgrades?


On my phone (iPhone 6S) it looks pretty terrible in portrait orientation, but not too bad in landscape. Is that the same for you, @rachel.rank?


Thanks for looking into this Rob. I discussed this with the team and apparently we’ve known for a while that GrantNav doesn’t really work for mobiles (and wasn’t really built with mobiles in mind). I’d just never tried accessing it via my mobile before so I thought it was a new issue; but its not!

I don’t think we need to do anything about the interface at the moment as it will be difficult to display the tables on a small screen. Perhaps we can just add some text somewhere clarifying that GrantNav is best accessed on a laptop or a tablet?


When we designed GrantNav originally, we went to great lengths to make sure that it worked on iPads, but didn’t do anything to try and make it work on mobiles, as that hadn’t shown up in the user research as a mode of use that we were expecting.

I’ve added on GitHub so that we can prioritise this against other work on GrantNav :slight_smile:


Thanks Rob.

I think you’re right re: user demand. Let’s drop it for now. I just logged it in case it was a bug but its not so that’s fine.

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