When did Funders join 360 Giving?

Is there a list setting out when funders started submitting data to GrantNav? I am interested in a particular subset of programmes and have done a search on a number of keywords and built the dataset I am interested in. For example, if say, the Corra Foundation funded projects in 2018 and 2019 but not 2017, I want to know whether the Corra Foundation was even submitting data to GrantNav in 2017. I imagine Funders would have come on board over time?

Thank you for this question. Although we’ve been in touch directly about your query and shared some data, I wanted to add a public reply so it’s available for other users.

The date when an organisation first started sharing data isn’t currently publicly available. This meta data - data about the data - is collected by 360Giving and we do have plans to make it available in a public-facing Dashboard for 360Giving data.

The Dashboard will include details about first publish date, and also aspects of the data, such as range of fields published by each organisation, the first and latest award dates, as well as information about the whole dataset. We’re aiming to launch this before the end of the year.

An important thing to note is that some organisations share historical data, while others start by sharing their recent grants. This means there is often a difference between when an organisation started sharing data and the earliest award date.

On the topic of meta data we are introducing a way for organisations to publish meta data in their 360Giving data files. This allows publishers to include an ‘Issued’ date, which is for when the data package was first published. Once live in the 360Giving Data Standard it will provide a source of information about when data was first shared, direct from the publisher themselves. However, this is on a file basis so won’t necessarily be the first date of publishing, as organisations can share multiple files (as can be seen on the Data Registry), and it is possible to take down and re-issue data.

Any other queries or further feedback on useful data to include in the Dashboard would be very welcome!