Announcing the new 360Giving API

We are excited to announce the launch of our new 360Giving API, which is now live and ready for you to use!

The 360Giving API provides access to data published using the 360Giving Data Standard. It is designed to help technical users streamline grantmaking processes, enhance their research capabilities, and gain valuable insights about grantmaking in the UK.

Key features of the API include:

  • Accessing detailed information about organisations in the 360Giving dataset
  • Exploring the published data on grants given and received by these organisations.
  • The ability to integrate this data into your own applications and research projects.

To get started, please read the documentation on our website and sign up for essential updates using our API sign-up form. Once you have signed up, you will receive information about any upcoming changes to the API.

Learn more about the API

As this forum is a place for users and stakeholders of the 360Giving Data Standard and the 360Giving data, we’ve created a new category to enable API users to find and create topics specifically related to using the 360Giving API. We hope that this forum will be a space for collaboration, support, and sharing insights about your experiences with the API.

We’re looking forward to hearing about your projects soon!

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