PATCH - update to add normative Meta guidance to Standard docs

360Giving has developed guidance about metadata in 360Giving Data Standard and how to include this in 360Giving data files. This is a PATCH update which will add normative guidance to the Standard documentation site.

This guidance has been written by members of the 360Giving and Open Data Services teams. It was proposed by Katherine Duerden in her capacity as member of 360Giving team, as the first stage in the PATCH approval process, and signed off be me in my capacity as member of the 360Giving team. It also requires sign off from a member of the Stewardship committee.

Summary of proposed changes

The changes will be as follows:

  • Add a new section to the Standard Documentation site under Technical Information for metadata guidance
  • The guidance includes sections on What is Metadata?, Why include metadata in 360Giving files? and Field guidance.
  • Small text changes to Index and Reference page to add reference and links to the new guidance.

Detail of proposed changes

The changes can be viewed at the following branch:

The pull request with all changes noted can be found here:

Next steps

These are changes to the guidance which fill a gap where no guidance previously existed. As these neither introduce new features nor break backwards-compatibility, they can be approved using the PATCH process.

I have approved the changes acting as a member of 360Giving team. In order to make these changes to the live version of the 360Giving Data Standard these changes also need to be approved by a member of the Standard Stewardship Committee.

Any comments or queries about these changes, please post below.

Thank you!

I’ve reviewed the changes as a member of the stewardship committee, and am happy to sign them off as a PATCH update.