MINOR - Final Review of Extensions Mechanism update available for comment

Hi all,

This post is to share a Pull Request containing a MINOR update to the 360Giving package schema for review by the Stewardship Committee and 360Giving community. The committee has already approved the a proposal detailing this update by email.

This update to the 360Giving Data Standard will create a mechanism for Extensions such as the DEI Extension to be recognised and validated by our tools, including the Data Quality Tool. This is a technical change giving effect to the previous decision of the committee at their March 2021 meeting to approve an extension being adopted in the Standard.

Link to Pull Request.

This is the ‘Final Review’ stage as set out in the 360Giving Data Standard revision process, which states that proposed updates be made available for review by the committee and the 360Giving community for at least two weeks before final approval.

Please feel free to post comments or raise any queries or points of clarification.

Please see here the proposal that was shared with the committee, and sets out the purpose of the update, the details of the proposed extension mechanism and the impact assessment for it.