PATCH - update to design and add new publisher guidance to Standard site

360Giving has developed comprehensive online publisher guidance which will be incorporated into the Standard documentation site.

The majority of the content is designed as non-normative and so does not come under the change management process of the Standard however there are changes to arrangement of pages and updates to links and references to publisher guidance within the normative parts of the documentation which require a PATCH update and related approval processes.

Summary of proposed changes

The changes to the normative content can be seen in this prototype:

  1. Moving the Reference and Identifiers content into ā€˜Technical informationā€™ section, adding a new landing page:

The text about the standard that appears on the current homepage page has been moved to the new ā€˜Technical informationā€™ landing page. References to getting support have been updated to refer to publisher guidance elsewhere in the site.

  1. Moving governance and change management and ToR pages into an ā€˜Aboutā€™ section, adding a new landing page:

The text ā€˜An open standardā€™ that appears on the current home page has been moved to the new ā€˜Aboutā€™ landing page.

  1. Updating internal links for any pages that have moved because of the new structure.
  2. Updating references to 360Giving support to be 360Giving Helpdesk and updating links to publisher guidance.

All of the changes are being made to the text so this PR does not affect the schemas themselves.

Other changes

There are other parts of the documentation that are non-normative - open licensing, data protection and get data - are now incorporated into the guidance for publishers.

The full pull request with all changes noted can be found here:

Next steps

These are changes to the guidance which improve its clarity and usefulness. As these neither introduce new features nor break backwards-compatibility the changes can be approved using the PATCH process.

I have approved the changes acting as a member of the 360Giving team. In order to make these changes to the live version of the 360Giving Data Standard these changes also need to be approved by a member of the Standard Stewardship Committee.

Any comments or queries about these changes, please post below.

Thank you!

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The approval from Steven Flower from Stewardship Committee has been posted on the pull request itself, so this update is now moving forward to be merged into the live site.

Thank you!