PATCH - new Extensions information in Metadata documentation


The ODS and 360Giving staff teams are proposing a PATCH update which will result in the following changes to normative guidance:

  1. Add a new piece of guidance text to Metadata normative guidance explaining that it is now possible to declare Extensions in the metadata of a 360Giving file

  2. Change the URL in the Package schema to direct to the new guidance explaining Extensions in the Metadata guidance.

The changes can be previewed here.

This PATCH is modifying the already approved but not yet live Version 1.4 of the 360Giving Data Standard, and will be made live together with Version 1.4 once it has been approved.

In recognition of the low impact that PATCH changes can have on the whole Standard, if no objections are received within one week, the PATCH change will be considered approved.

Any questions please post below,
Thank you.

Apologies, I didn’t correctly add the link to preview the guidance, this can be found here: