PATCH - Various housekeeping updates


The ODS and 360Giving staff teams are proposing several PATCH updates which are small housekeeping improvements to the 360Giving Data Standard. They have been incorporated into a single Pull Request along with the already approved MINOR upgrade to create an Extensions Mechanism, meaning that, once approved, they will be made live together and bring the Standard to version 1.4.

The PATCH updates are as follows:

  • Remove unused weight properties from 360-giving-schema.json
    • This removes weight properties from the schema because they are not used or needed. They were introduced as a technical side-effect of old tooling and were not actual properties of the 360Giving Data Standard.
  • Change URI for grant schema inside of package schema
    • This updates the Grant Schema URI in the schema file to point to a named version of the Standard rather than the master, so that we can have more control over which version our tooling validates against. In particular, it enables us to support validating multiple versions of the standard through our tools should this become desirable/necessary, which fits with our Deprecation and Support policy.
  • Fix description of FRG050 in regrantType.csv
    • This amends the description of FRG050 in the regrantType codelist to clarify that a grant can comprise multiple payments.
  • Bring geoTypeCodelist column names in line with other codelists
    • This changes a column heading of the geoType codelist from Name to Title to bring it in line with other codelists and be readable by software tooling.

In recognition of the low impact that PATCH changes can have on the whole Standard, if no objections are received within one week, the PATCHes change will be considered approved.

Any comments or queries about these changes, please post below.

Thank you!