PATCH - updates to 360Giving schema and package schema

A series of small changes are being proposed to the 360Giving schema and package schema.

Summary of proposed changes

Changes to the 360-giving-package-schema.json

  • Update to ‘Issued’ and ‘Modified’ field descriptions to include reference to the required date formatting (to resolve issue 360G-00075 #298)
  • Correction of typo to Publisher Identifier field description.

Changes to 360-giving-schema.json

Improved descriptions for geolocation fields

  • countryCode: Clarification that uses 2 character ISO-3166-1-alpha-2 code (to resolve issue 360G-00032 #90)
  • Organisation address fields: Clarification that these are organisation address fields (to resolve issue #111)
  • Longitude/Latitude: Clarification that uses WGS 84 standard for coordinates with example value (to resolve issue 360G-00043 #216)
  • geoCode: Providing example of gazetteer and link to ONS Register of Geographic Codes.

Update hyperlinks in field descriptions directing to identifier guidance

  • Organization ID
  • Identifier

Updating field description to use ‘must’ in place of ‘should’ when describing formatting requirements (as per RFC2119)

  • Start Date
  • End Date
  • Award Date
  • Last Modified
  • fromOpenCall

Adding summary descriptions (previously blank) to the following additional fields

  • Funding Org:Location
  • Recipient Org:Location
  • Related Document
  • Classifications
  • Funding Type

Add reference to required date formatting to the following additional field summary descriptions.

  • Actual Dates
  • Planned Dates

The full pull request with all changes noted can be found here:

Next steps
These are small changes to the description text to improve clarity of the guidance. As these neither introduce new features nor break backwards-compatibility the changes can be approved using the PATCH process.

I have approved the changes acting as a member of 360Giving team. In order to make these changes to the live version of the 360Giving Data Standard these changes also need to be approved by a member of the Standard Stewardship Committee.

Any comments or queries about these changes, please post below.

Thank you!

These are helpful changes that are backwards compatible - happy to approve them as a member of the stewardship committee.

Thanks David. We’ll get these changes merged into the live branch.