February 1 2018: Minor bug fixes to 360Giving standard

We’re proposing a couple of minor bug fixes to the schema:

These changes are staged in a branch on Github https://github.com/ThreeSixtyGiving/standard/pull/221

The changes should have limited impact:

  • Titles are treated as case insensitive in flattentool (which transforms 360Giving Standard spreadsheets to JSON) so the validity of fields using ‘Last modified’ in their title won’t be affected.
  • Latitude and longitude are commonly used in valid number formats in most use cases, e.g. ‘-5.123123’ or ‘45.6167’, and we haven’t found any cases of publishers using a different format for coordinates.

A preview of the documentation (the changes in it are very minor) is on http://standard.threesixtygiving.org/en/autumn-2017-bugfix/

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A development branch of the CoVE tool here http://branch-360-autumn-2017-bugfix.cove-360-dev.default.threesixtygiving.uk0.bigv.io/ will allow publishers to check their datasets against these proposed changes (note: don’t rely on this for regular publishing, always use https://dataquality.threesixtygiving.org/)

We will apply the changes to the Standard and the Schema on 1 February 2018.

The changes will be reflected in the Data Quality Tool, in the Standard Documentation, and in the Schema, on and from that date.

These are minor changes, and the majority of publishers won’t be affected. The main change that you would need to be aware of is that latitude and longitude values (e.g. beneficiaryLocation.latitude, recipientOrgansiation.location.longitude) must be numbers (positive or negative, with or without decimals, e.g. -0.45 or 20 or 51.15345) in order to meet the Standard and schema validation.

For nearly all published data this is currently the situation. If further support is required, please contact support@threesixtygiving.org

The change has now been made.